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    Thomas, We have a questionnaire we require on all renewals and modifications that walks through a decision tree to determine if a renewal or modification should be a TDR. This requires that we not only document why a renewal/modification is...

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    Tom, in the library for this group are several TDR forms. ------------------------------ Jean Marcuzzo Credit Administrator United Business Bank FSB Oakland CA (510)567-6966 ------------------------------

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    Attached is the form that we utilize to document the process around identification of TDRs. We have been using this document since 2010, and it has been blessed by both the State and FDIC ------------------------------ Robert Bradley, EVP ...


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    Hello, everyone! I'll be monitoring our LDP online community, reading your posts and answering questions you have about the LDP courses and the blended learning sessions. Don't hesitate to ask for help! more

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