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    Manged By Exception

    Posted in: RMA Member Forum

    We are looking to revise our parameters for eligibility in our Managed By Exception portfolio - can anyone share what they are using for criteria? Individual loan amount, type, total exposure, etc. thank you ------------------------------ Donna ...

  • Posted in: RMA Member Forum

    Greetings I do not do enough of this type of financing to know for certain, but I am attempting to determine the appropriate Supervisory LTV for the financing of a mobile home park.  We are financing just the real estate and not the mobile homes.  It ...

  • Posted in: RMA Member Forum

    ​Hi, I'm looking for resources that provides information and language around cross-selling strategies that are compliant with anti-tying regulations.   Our Bankers need language for what they can say while steering clear of tying.  Any suggestions would ...


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