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My name is Katie Williams, and I am the new Social Media Program Manager at RMA. I will be managing the RMA Xchange. Previously, I worked in the RMA Legal and Communications department. I am excited to be a part of the Xchange, and look forward to... more

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    Stephanie Smith

    Citizens National Bank
    Sevierville, TN
    United States

    84 Points

  2. photo not available
    Melissa Torres

    State Bank of Cross Plains
    Cross Plains, WI
    United States

    64 Points

  3. photo not available
    Delmin Bustillo

    Coconut Grove Bank
    Miami, FL
    United States

    64 Points

  4. photo not available
    John Blau

    Foundations Bank
    Pewaukee, WI
    United States

    59 Points

  5. photo not available
    Jeffrey Bajek

    Venture Bank
    Golden Valley, MN
    United States

    51 Points