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    ​Debora, if you are forecasting cash flow, as opposed to measuring historic cash flow and you do not add back discretionary expenses, including charitable contributions, you should not add back anything other than non-cash expenses. That would be a more ...

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    Fil, We are seeing market tightening in this space given that it's done well in the last few years with demand rising but supply side coming up very strongly too.  Our commercial banking customers are typically very cautious with this niche and outside ...

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    ​Interesting, Does anyone else include an environment questionnaire in their engagement letter? Also, as we are in a state where cannabis is legal (per state but not FDIC), does anyone have the appraiser discuss any evidence of Cannabis on site. Cindy ...


  • RMA's Annual Statement Studies® are now available!

    RMA's Annual Statement Studies are the only source of comparative industry data that comes directly from the financial statements of small and medium-size business clients of RMA’s member institutions. For over 97 years, RMA has been the leader in ... more

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