Membership Value Statement

Dear Florida Regional Chapter Associate:

Your membership matters to us.  Your involvement and input to RMA, both on a national and a local level, helps make your membership more valuable. When you become involved in RMA activities, can develop skills that are essential to leadership such as creating vision, planning, listening, being perceptive, motivating, coaching, adaptability, decisiveness and executing a plan. An interesting fact is that once you develop these skills, YOU personally own them. Perhaps the greatest possible career enhancing benefit from your RMA membership may just come from getting involved. That’s why I’m encouraging you to become a Florida Regional Chapter Member this year by returning the enclosed local dues invoice with payment.

Your Florida Chapter membership enables the Florida Regional Chapter and Local Chapters throughout the state to provide: 

  1. Local Meetings scheduled throughout the area on a range of risk topics that feature leading speakers and panelists
  2. Training Programs including open-enrollment classes developed by RMA as well as locally developed workshops that focus on topics of local interest.
  3. Social Opportunities – Networking in today’s world is critical to success in your career. Through RMA sponsored General Membership meetings, Educational Programs and Young Financial Professional meetings, you have an opportunity to develop relationships with your peers in the region.
  4. Affinity Group Meetings – Peer Round Tables and Panel discussions grouped by function or by experience in your career; for example CCOs, CEOs or Young Financial Professionals events.

Your annual Florida Regional Chapter assessment also supports key chapter activities like the awards program, volunteer training, and day-to-day chapter operations. If you don’t see something here you’d like us to offer or support, please let us know.  We are constantly striving to serve our membership better and your feedback is invaluable. You can reach me directly at

Lastly and most importantly, on behalf of the Officers and Directors at the Florida Regional Chapter as well as those Officers and Directors at the many Local Chapters throughout the entire state who are constantly working to better serve you, I thank you for your past and continued support of RMA.

Thank you for joining us in our efforts to make the Florida Regional Chapter of RMA a real value proposition for each of our members! Your involvement plays an important role in getting us to our goal of reaching every active and potential RMA Associate.


Elena Dawson

President, RMA Florida Regional Chapter