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When:  Oct 12, 2023 from 03:00 PM to 04:30 PM (ET)
Where:   Land of Sky Association of Realtors Event Center (Zoom link also provided), 21 Restaurant Court, Asheville, NC, 28803, US
Community:   Great Smokies

When & Where

Land of Sky Association of Realtors Event Center (Zoom link also provided)
21 Restaurant Court
Asheville, NC 28803

Oct 12, 03:00 PM - 04:30 PM (ET)


Session Description

In 2023, very few things remain predictable. One truth that continues to stand the test of time is that the economy starts and stops with the consumer— especially when consumer spending contributes 68% to GDP. Join us for a discussion on the impact of human nature and consumer spending has on the commercial lending world. Find out who are anticipated to be the winners and the losers in the Commercial lending sector.

Session Takeaways:

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  • A clear understanding of the drivers that affect consumer spending
  • Just how important the consumer is to business, and therefore, commercial lending
  • The winning and losing industries with regards to consumer spending

Audience Testimonials:

  • "I saw this presentation for the first time at a conference, and it was so well done. The content was tailored to the locality, and the national data on consumer debt was quite interesting. I am looking forward to seeing the presentation again for my RMA chapter with my local data. The consumer is clearly a key driver in the commercial space, and understanding this nexus will give bankers an edge on their competition." -Senior VP, Truist (RVA Chapter)

  • "I found the presentation to be very informative and it provided useful facts to share with my colleagues and clients." -VP, Business Banker, First Citizens Bank (New Mexico Chapter)

  • “The presentation was eye opening. There are so many industries that are impacted by

    consumer spending and financial health. This presentation included very useful information on the economic forces impacting consumers today, both nationally and locally. Vertical IQ has the ability to pull many sources of data and is able to drill down as far as you need. The presentation and presenter were excellent.” -Senior Credit Officer, Pinnacle Financial Partners (CAVA Chapter)

  • “I had the opportunity to hear the Vertical IQ presentation given by Nicole Bouffard DeLiso regarding Consumer Spending at the RMA Chapter Leadership Conference. The information obtained from this presentation was 100% worth the price of admission. The presentation outlined a number of extremely important and potentially volatile industries through some historical data points and then helps give the user some confidence as to the performance of these industries in the near future. With all of the uncertainty we face each and every day, it sure feels better to have some valuable information as we head into tomorrow.” -Senior VP, Commercial Relationship Manager, Platinum Bank

  • “To be honest, I was really impressed with the content that Vertical IQ presented at this month's RMA Conference which I attended in San Diego, and I was particularly struck with how Vertical IQ provides industry analytics that are not only based on national data sources, but which can also be spliced specifically to compare to regional locales - as a tool for credit professionals to expedite the underwriting process for commercial loan requests, among other things." -VP, Portfolio Management Supervisor, Zions Bank (Orange County Chapter)

  • “Attending Vertical IQ’s “Consumer’s Spending, a Driving Force to Commercial Lending” in June 2023 was informative and gave an insightful perspective about current trends on consumer spending and drivers impacting lending.” -Senior Credit Risk Officer, Bank of the West (Rocky Mountain Chapter)

  • “The RMA Triangle Chapter had Bobby Martin come speak to our group on the correlation between consumer spending activity and commercial lending. By showing where consumers are spending their money along with how much they are spending provided some leading indicators of what commercial sectors were expected to do well and which sectors might not do so well. In addition, the information provided indicators of who is most likely to need a new or larger line of credit and those commercial customers a lender might want to pump the brakes on. Bobby provided very insightful information and in a very personable manner. Great presentation!” - VP, Credit Administration Officer, (RMA Triangle Chapter)

Presented by:

Bobby Martin is Co-founder and CEO of Vertical IQ, a leading provider of Industry Intelligence that helps sales, marketing, and customer success teams better understand a prospect's or client's business challenges before, during, and after meetings. His focus is on advising and selling to small- and medium-size business owners, business leadership, and digital transformation. He is currently an active angel investor and advisor in several innovative start-ups. Through his experience of starting and selling a sales intelligence tool to a Fortune 500 firm, Dun & Bradstreet, he learned firsthand the challenges and solutions at each stage of entrepreneurial growth, which led to his book, The Hockey Stick Principles.


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