Past Chapter Events

FEBRUARY 8, 2018

“The Senior Executive Panel represents the signature general event conducted
annually by the
RMA Gulf Coast Chapter.  In the past couple of the years, the
RMA Gulf Coast Chapter changed
its venue for this event to the Briar Club to
accommodate more registrants. This year, the
Senior Executive Panel reported
a record attendance, 132 registrants in all, consisting of a diverse group of
financial institutions.  The Board expects next year’s event will be even more
successful given
the chemistry of the luncheon location and the quality of the
panelists our Programs Committee
routinely secures for this special event. I can’t
thank James C. Allen (Moody Bank), Robert Pate
(First Financial Bank) and Daron
Peschel (Houston Branch of the Federal Reserve) enough for their
participation as
panelists and for making this luncheon event so memorable. I want to also thank
Communications Chair, Dustin Martin, for securing the panelists and for
them to our audience.  


Sony Lyles from the Texas Chapter served as moderator for the RMA Gulf Coast
Chapter and
did a superb job in this role.  I am so grateful to all of those program
committee members that worked
so hard during the execution of this event and
for all of the Board members who contributed to
the planning and organizational
efforts required in advance of the luncheon.  Finally, I would like
to thank our two
primary sponsors, Phase Engineering, Inc. and South Texas Surveying Associates, Inc.
for their financial support as the two primary sponsors for this special event. 

As the President of this Chapter, I can’t be more proud of  those board members
that volunteered their
time to make this event happen. I consider it an honor and
privilege just to have been a part of this
process.  Ultimately, teamwork made this
event so successful and our Chapter is definitely taking the “WIN”
for this year’s event.


Gene Hayes

President of the RMA Gulf Coast Chapter”

RMA_Gulf_Coast_-_EXP_2.jpgRMA Gulf Coast Chapter Senior Executive Panel - Feburary 8, 2018

RMA_Gulf_Coast_Board_Members_EXP_3.jpgRMA Gulf Coast Chapter Board Members