Session 1: Your Wellness Inventory: Prevention and Inspiration for Our New Paradigm

When:  Jan 14, 2021 from 3:00 PM to 4:15 PM (CT)
Associated with  St Louis

In Workshop 1 of a five-part series, join Dr. Linda Wheatland Smith as she presents a session titled Your Wellness Inventory.  See full details in the link above.

Did you sleep last night? Did the sun hit your eyes early this morning? Did you take a brisk walk? How do you settle down and find refuge in relaxation? Can you digitally detox and disconnect? And how do you cope with loneliness and isolation in the time of COVID? We will reflect on ourselves and our current lifestyle choices. We will consider habits including good nutrition and exercise to ward off viruses and keep our immune systems functioning at their best. Can supplements help us? We will create a peaceful moment with guided meditation. We will consider our personal wellness goals.

For this session please:
• Wear comfortable clothes
• If possible, in setting up for the session, allow yourself room to move and have a rug or mat to stretch out on
• Have a chair and a small pillow nearby
• Turn off your cell phone and plan to be free of interruptions
• Consider the following questions in advance of the session

o Taking care of ourselves in the time of COVID has provided unique challenges for each of us. What has been most challenging for you during this time? Examples include:

• Getting a good night’s sleep (defined as 7-8 hours with minimal interruptions)
• Getting outside to exercise and let the sunshine on us
• Finding time and energy to eat healthfully (5 fruits and vegetables per day, high fiber choices of foods including beans, whole grains, avoiding processed foods)
• Finding moments of quiet to do nothing, meditate, listen to nice music, enjoy the moment
• Finding ways to connect to friends and family

o What are your wellness challenges generally?


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