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    NAICS Code

    Posted in: RMA Member Forum

    Looking for some guidance on the use of NAICS codes.  My bank has been very inconsistent about entering NAICS codes at the loan level, which is hindering me in identifying risk in the portfolio.  I have initiated a project to clean this up and assign ...

  • Posted in: RMA Member Forum

    ​ This is the answer that we received from the SBA in regards to that question. Based upon this I would suggest if a borrower works with an accountant that the borrower is responsible for the fees as it relates to forgiveness. Lender should be able ...

  • Posted in: RMA Member Forum

    Good morning, We have a Borrower that has worked with their accountant to prepare their forgiveness documents.  Their accountant is now asking for their agent fee from the bank.  We were not made aware of an agent involved with the Borrower at the time ...


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